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We turn dense data, brand messages, and boring walls of text into eye catching infographics. Our content technicians and infographic designers will create infographics which explain, visualize and simplify the information your audience is most interested in. Read more test Read less

What is an Infographic?

Infographics are everywhere! They’re hosted on your favorite websites, linked from your social media newsfeed and shared on your friends’ blogs. So what exactly are they?
As the name suggests, infographics are “informational graphs” -- aka. condensed data and content that is supported by visual enhancements. Infographics project information fast and effectively by triggering a cognitive response that extracts trends, material and patterns from visual stimuli. In recent years, infographics have generated enough cyber appeal to lend to the emergence of a whole industry based around creating and sharing them.
According to the Digital Buzz Blog, more than 3.5 billion pieces of content are shared each week on Facebook, alone. Due to this rise of social media submersion, advertising is making the transition to content. Good content is read, re-blogged and shared throughout countless platforms -- and that’s where infographics come in handy. An infographic can visualize a unique theme or idea in way that text alone cannot accomplish. Infographics are also easily shareable via social media, making them a powerful tool to market your brand.

Different Types of Infographics

We supply a number of infographic options to satisfy your requests. All of our infographics are guaranteed to provide rich content and customizable, design and layout options to amplify your brand’s intentions. Data Visualization Data visualizations are often incorporated -- and may even represent -- an entire infographic. There are multiple visualization strategies, so we help to identify the appropriate design for your brand. With a data visualization we take a dense data set which might be hard to understand or time consuming to read through and we turn it into a visualization which is easy to understand at a glance.
This could be data which your company has, like user stats, customer demographics, or research your company has done. It can also be data we research and put together for a theme related to your site. For example, a local SEO company might want to show why their market needs to be mobile. We can research relevant stats and data about how local searches are being performed and percentages of local traffic is mobile. We then visualize all of this data in a way that shows their market just how important optimizing for mobile is with just a glance.
Product/Service Explanation Product and service explanation infographics either pitch new products or explains your services. These infographics are meant to showcase your brand’s appeal to the consumer market.
Some products or services are naturally hard to understand. We pull together the key reasons your target market should be interested in you and visualize this in a way that your customer can understand within just a quick glance.
This can take more of a hard sell approach or it can simply explain what a product does. If your customers are confused about what you offer, you won’t be able to sell them on your product or service.
Timeline Timeline infographics are generally used to demonstrate the chronological events and trends for a particular subject or period.
Maybe you want to show a timeline of the history of your company, the history of your market, the history of a specific product/service within your market. Timelines fit well into an infographic as they are easily visualized.
1. An SEO site might want to show a timeline of search engines and then end with current market shares.
2. A college or university might want to show the history of its campus with milestones along the way.
3. A flower shop might want to make a timeline for the history of Mother’s day in order to drum up business on one of their busiest times of the year.
Controversial/Viral Controversial or viral infographics showcase information in a visually-linear fashion, and is often of a subject that your audience may find interesting or pertinent. A controversial infograph can take on a current hot topic or it can look into long standing debates within their market.
Going with a controversial infographic can be a good option because infographics are so easy to share. If you’re goal is to create buzz and cause as much sharing as possible, a controversial infograph is one of the best options. Infographs are easier to share then blog posts or other forms of content, so your already viral subject will be easy to share if it’s on an infographic.
A viral infographic doesn’t have to be controversial though, there are plenty ways to create content with a viral potential. For example, we can visualize interesting facts or information your target market is interested in. Top 10 lists, exposing little known facts, and dealing with taboo subjects are good examples.
1. A trade school might want to create an infographic showing why the cost of a 4 year general degree might not be worth it.
2. A gun dealer might want to jump into the current hot debate over gun laws and show some controversial data. 3. A water bottle company could jump into the debate on fluoride.
4. An auto parts company could show the top 5 most expensive James Bond cars.

Why Create Infographics?

Infographics are one of today's hot, social media trends because of their effectiveness on consumers. Data visualizations are powerful, content marketing strategies as they permit quick consumption of complex ideas. Just how are infographics effective? They drive visual engagement. Visual content plays an extremely important role in the marketing realm, as studies show that 40% of consumers respond better to visual information than plain text. As people are visual learners, infographics have the ability to simplify a message.
Even better, infographics can be shared across a multitude of social media platforms -- and we all know what an important role social media plays in our lives these days. According to a recent report by State of the Media, social networks and blogs currently account for nearly 25% of the total time that the average American spends online!

Why Us? creates tailored infographics that combine rich content with eye-catching visuals. We work with our clients to provide them with an infographic that:
-conveys their brand’s intentions
-produces a dense piece of data that is visually-appealing
-offers a glimpse into an interesting subject within their niche.

At, we have catered to a wide range of customer requests, from SEO strategies to snowboarding trends -- enhancing our adaptability to unique material and niche-specific ideas. Furthermore, we offer weekly and monthly packages to ensure the continuity of your brand’s awareness, as recurrent infographics keep your online presence fresh and engaging. It’s great to have one successful infographic, but if you want it to turn into a long-term business tool you need to be publishing them regularly.
Content/Design This is the very first step to the process. Our excellent writing and researching gurus compile data that corresponds to your target market and personal needs. Though we generally provide the statistical groundwork for your order, feel free to provide your own ideas and data/content, and we will try our hardest to accommodate those requests.
The next stage is the visual process, in which our talented designers create an infographic that visually-enhances and supports the original content.
You will be able to offer your input and review each stage. We will first show you the content after hearing your input and then move onto design once you are ok with it. We are able to redesign anything you think doesn’t quite work. The job is a work in progress until you are happy with it and believe it represents your brand in the way you are looking for.
Distribution As noted on the’s homepage, we go the extra step many other companies do not: we offer infographic distribution. We promote your brand by tapping into a wide range of various sources and social media outlets to link traffic back to your site. Always remember -- an infographic is only as effective as the consumers who discover it.
Our distribution entails quite a few different tactics. We start out with getting the infographic image and post content hosted onto your site. We then point all of our promotion to this page.
1. We write a press release announcing the release of your new infographic and submit this press release through our large list of connections.
2. We point a social sharing jumpstart to your page through sites like Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.
3. We submit your infographic across image hosting sites like flickr and infographic directories like
We also instruct you on the best ways to reach out to sites in your industry and get them to share your content.
The distribution we offer is a key differentiator from other infograph providers. We understand the reason you are interested in infographics in the first place is the traffic and sharing they can incite. Because of this, we have put together this distribution package to give your infographic a sharing jumpstart.
Pricing By now you have probably taken a good look around at the various sites offering infographic services. If you haven’t, by all means please do. You will notice the base price is typically $1000+. With some infographic design quotes ranging up to $5000+. Most services won’t even show you their prices upfront.
We offer upfront prices at incredibly reduced prices compared to our competitors. Our aim is to get businesses using infographics as a regular part of their content marketing strategy. Current market rates for one off infographics are too high for anyone but very large companies to be able to use infographics regularly. We are changing this. Our pricing also drastically reduces as you order more and more infographics with us.
Support Our service offers a basecamp thread for customer access. This thread grants customers the ability to review their infographic at every stage of development: content, design and distribution. We are able to customize our services to your specifications, and we will continue to work until you are completely satisfied with your infographic order. Additionally, you will receive the PSD files for your infographic once the process is complete, in case you wish to make any additional changes in the future. Being a relatively small company, we have a lot of room to offer you the personal support a bigger brand cannot.


According to a recent Customer Magnetism report, publishers who use infographics grow an average of 12% more traffic than those who opt against them! That’s our objective here at to create engaging content that drives consistent traffic and brand engagement.
Whether you hire us for just one infographic design in order to try us out or sign on with our weekly plan, we will work until you are satisfied.
Your customers are engaging with their favorite brands right now. Are they engaging with you?

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